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Sewage treatment _ rainwater collection _ FRP septic tank _ easy net group official website

Sewage treatment equipment in scenic area


The collection and discharge of catering and hotel sewage in mountain scenery  cannot be connected with the municipal network, and  they usually have their own independent processing system. The peak of passenger flow is relatively concentrated, and the amount of sewage fluctuates greatly in different seasons. Even hotels and restaurants in different locations of scenic spots have different drainage features.

In general, there are obvious differences between urban sewage and guesthouse sewage, and sewage treatment  in scenic area must fully consider the water quality, water volume and environmental characteristics of the sewage to ensure the treatment effect

Selection of wastewater treatment technology in scenic spots 

1.No power anaerobic treatment system in public toilets of scenic spots

Reutilized device in this equipment can used for greenbelt , plant watered, cultivation , washing toilet and garden water to achieve sewage resources and save water resources.

In the artificial wetland treatment section, the pollutants are further removed through the filtration of wetland fillings, the adsorption and decomposition of the fillings biofilm and the absorption of wetland plants to meet the national sewage discharge standards  

2. Small underground sewage treatment station

FRP tanks are composed of high strength glass fiber composite material with light-weight , good mechanical properties , high compressive strength ,anti-acid , no infiltration , protect underground water source and long service life. Normal sewage treatment system in scenic area is SBR and  contact oxidation method.

3. Domestic sewage micro-power treatment system

Simple and convenient system operation management realize full automatic operation and regular inspection supervision without artificial duty. Different products have different operation mode. With no power series of the products in combination with other technology can greatly save later maintenance cost. Reasonable adjusting the aeration time according to the water lead to reduce running cost.

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Sewage treatment _ rainwater collection _ FRP septic tank _ easy net group official website