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About Eijing

Sewage treatment _ rainwater collection _ FRP septic tank _ easy net group official website

Eijing Group is committed to environmental protection products researching, manufacturing, and marketing company, provides high tech material, water and wastewater treatment solution. Business cover FRP products, Wastewater treatment Solution, Rainwater harvesting, integrated pumping station, Biological microbial, drainage system products,

Cooperate with domestic and foreign university and research institution: Asia-Europe Water Association , Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hunan University, Central South University, Eijing is one of member of China Association for the Promotion of Production and Research.

With leaning organization and innovative team, Eijing devoted to improve water pollution and build livable environment.

The company's six major undertakings

  • FRP products

  • Sewage treatment

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Integrated pumping

  • Bio Bacteria

  • Drainage products

Finished glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks and reservoirs and other types of tanks, due to low overall cost, safe and reliable products, anti-leakage effect, long life, simple and quick construction, low maintenance costs, is rapidly replacing the traditional reinforced concrete pond Body and brick structure.

Sewage treatment system is one of the important infrastructure of the city, but also an important means to prevent water pollution and improve the urban water environment. The net environmental protection is focused on the R & D and production of sewage treatment. The cost of the integrated sewage treatment equipment is low, Good, easy maintenance, to provide users with the best one-stop system solutions.

Rainwater collection and reuse system, is the effective drainage and management of rainwater, including emissions, collection, penetration, reuse and other links. Easy to be environmentally friendly to focus on the use of rainwater system construction, according to the customer of different rainwater collection area, rainwater collection planning, to provide scientific and reasonable rainwater collection solutions to achieve water conservation and improve the environment.

Pumping stations provide potential energy and pressure for water to address sources of irrigation, water supply and water allocation problems without flow conditions. Integrated pump station integrated low cost, short construction period, long service life, easy operation and maintenance, is an ideal alternative to traditional concrete pumping station products.

  • Our Mission

    For water, for life.

  • Our prospect

    To be Excellence Business, Create first-class talent, Leading in the drainage industry.

  • Our value

    Customer-oriented, create value-added service for client.

Eijing Award

Patent for new plastic inspection chamber

Patent for rationally of glass reinforced plastic septic tank

Patent for high pressure tolerance plastic inspection chamber

Patent for the high efficiency decomposition of the anti-pressure type FRP septic tank

The patent for effectively filter FRP septic tank

The certificate for quality management system

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Sewage treatment _ rainwater collection _ FRP septic tank _ easy net group official website